* AR - Assess Finance Charges

Author: support staff Reference Number: AA-00564 Created: 2011-02-15 03:51 Last Updated: 2014-04-25 15:45 0 Rating/ Voters

Opening the Assess Finance Charges Form

  • Using the OneSource menu bar, click AR/AP, select Assess Finance Charges.  

Assessing Finance Charges

  • Select the various finance charge criteria on the Customer Info tab.
  • Click on the Sales/Invoicing tab.  A summary of invoices meeting the criteria is displayed.
  • Click on the Select All button or select the individual invoices to assess finance charges.
  • Click theDisplay Finance Charge Summary button to view the Finance Charge Summary pop-up form.
  • Decide if you want to display a message with or without the interest rate for the Invoice by placing a check mark in the appropriate box.
  • Decide if you want to auto post the Invoices to the General Ledger by placing a check mark in the appropriate box.
  • Click the Print button to preview or print a listing of which finance charges will be assessed.
  • Click Apply to create theFinance Charge Invoices.