* Sales - Dispatching (and Delivery Manifest)

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Big Picture Setup & Workflow

  • Each 'Driver' is assigned to a particular default 'Shipped Via' route.
  • Each 'Customer' is assigned to a particular default 'Shipped Via' route.
  • Setup a default Stock Picking Ticket and Invoice.
  • Purchase and setup a corded USB Bar-Code Scanner
  • As Sales Orders are entered their default 'Shipped Via' is auto populated on the Sales Order 'Shipped Via' field.
  • The Shipped Via is also printed on the related 'Invoice' and 'Stocking Picking Ticket'.
  • The Stock Picking Ticket is printed (from the Sales Order screen) directly to the warehouse.
  • Warehouse personnel use the Stock Picking Ticket to pick and stage (in related Shipped Via route) all items that need to be delivered.
  • The 'Dispatcher' takes all Sales Order (labeled Invoice) OR all Invoices (that have been printed at the time of the Order) that have a bar-code printed on them and divvy's the Invoices into separate routes.
  • After each 'route' or 'run' is determined, the Dispatcher takes the first route in his hands, opens the Dispatching screen, selects a drivers name, enters a Dispatch ID, scans each Invoice in the route into the computer, and then prints a Manifest for the driver (that shows all Invoices, (in the order scanned), the amount due, payment terms, and payment method(s) for each Invoice delivered along with the goods).

Assign Drivers & Customers to a Default Shipped Via

  • Setup a user account for each driver.
    • Tools > User Security.  Be sure to enter 'Driver' in the Department field).
  • Setup a different 'Shipped Via' for each of your primary routes.
    • Tools > Company Setup > Drop Down Lists (tab) > Shipped Via. 
    • Select a Default Driver for each Shipped Via.
  • Assign a default Shipped Via for each customer.
    • Contact menu > Customers & Prospects (Record Details) > Delivery Info (tab) > Enter Shipped Via
    • Click next record in bottom left corner of Customers & Prospects screen.
    • Note: To look up various customers, 1 at a time: F3 > Enter Customer Name & press Enter > Delivery Info (tab) > Enter Shipped Via

Setup Default Stock Picking Ticket and Invoice

  • Tools > Company Setup > Reports
  • In the Default Sales Order Reports section select:
    • Select a default Stock Picking Ticket for Report #1
    • Select default for # copies.
    • Select default print method. 
      • If you want to always print the report to a particular printer in your warehouse, assign 'Specific Printer' to the Stock Picking Report and save it. (Be sure to make the report as 'Custom; so each will not get lost when new versions of OneSource are distributed).
  • In the Default Invoice Reports section select:
    • Select a default Invoice for Report #1  (Select one with bar-code in the title)
    • Select default for # copies.
    • Select default print method.

Purchase & Setup a USB Bar-code Scanner

  • This can be basically any corded (or cordless) USB type bar-code scanner (that can scan Code 39 - which virtually all do). 
  • A few of our customers have been happy with these models:
    • Symbol Technologies - LS2208-SR20007R-UR
    • AGPtEK 2.4GHz Handheld Wireless USB Automatic Barcode Scanner ($34.99 + $5 shipping on Amazon)
    • We have also had good luck with
  • In reading the instructions for the scanner, (if it doesn't already do this out of the box), you can configure it to send an 'enter' key after each scan (so the scanning process can automatically 'select' each scanned bar-code.  The net result is if you have 5 invoices to scan you can press the scanner trigger for each bar-code without any delay or extra keys to press).

Using the Dispatching Screen to Create a Printed Manifest for all Deliveries per Route.

To open click sales and then Dispatching Screen or (Ctrl D)
  • Check the Use Auto Fill if you want the Shipped Via info that you just set up to auto populate the form
  • Notice that you will be able to dispatch an order that has a sales order created but not invoiced. On the right side of the form you will see the sales Order number and then 2 columns to the right the Invoice Number if this is missing go to the Sales Order and invoice it. The invoice number will automatically fill in as soon as the Invoice is created.