* GL - Journal Entries

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Overview of the Journal Entries screen

  • Use the Journal Entry screen to create Journal Entries that will appear on OneSource Financial Statements.
How to Prevent COMMON GL Posting Errors

To prevent double postings and other inaccuracies, avoid using 'special accounts' (when making Journal Entries) that have a sub-ledger posting process such as Bank Accounts, AR Invoices, AP Bills, etc.  For instance, you would want to AVOID debiting or crediting the following accounts using a Journal Entry:

  • Undeposited Funds Account
  • Bank Account(s)
  • Inventory Account(s)
  • A/R Account
  • A/P Account
  • Sales Account(s)
These accounts will typically be correctly debited and credited when Invoices, Invoice Payments, Bills, Bill Payments, and Banking transactions (Checks, Deposits, Adjustments) are posted.

Journal Entries Screen - Quick Steps...

  • Bullet point.
  • Bullet point.
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