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Invoice screen - Common Tasks

How to Add an Invoice

How to Find an Invoice

How to Delete an Invoice

How to Delete Invoice Line Items


Invoice screen - Additional Tasks

Returning Items on an Invoice

  • Open up the Invoice that has items you want to return. 
  • For each item you want to return enter the Quantity you want to return in the QTY Return field. 
  • Then click Functions > #4--Return Items on this Invoice.  (There is an option to return all items on the Invoice, or the Qtys you have selected).  

Applying Payments to an Invoice

Applying a Customer Payment to an Invoice

Applying a Customer Credit to an Invoice

    • You can also apply a Customer Credit directly on an Invoice (on the Invoice screen) by clicking > Payments (tab) > Add or Edit Payments > Show/Apply Credit > Typing in the Amt to Apply (in negative numbers) > then clicking Apply Credit.